Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sign of the times

if you are a browser of pasadena photo blogs, you may have already seen this posted on petrea burchard's lovely blog. it's just such an interesting item that i had to have it on my blog as well. can't help but wonder if these are recycled signs, or were created new for this project. either way, it's very eye catching.

*update - petrea informs me that this artwork created by jack sullivan is actually called "sign of the time". my title was only one letter off!


Ann (MobayDP) said...

lol :) That's a great "sign" indeed.

Do you know who created it?

Wendy said...

I agree, that's a neat collection of signs - kind of like a "take your pick" traffic sign.

Petrea said...

Hi Ben, thanks for the mention. A commenter on my blog told me this was created by artist Jack Sullivan. I wasn't able to find out much, but there's a Public Art Walking tour on the city website that lists it:
or try this:
The piece is called "Sign of the Time."