Thursday, October 04, 2012

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after spending four year on this campus, it feels a little strange to be just visiting after being away for a year. granted, i have many warm memories, and it is good to be back.


Ann Erdman said...

So happy to see your Pasadena adventures, Ben! Just like old times. I've been traveling too and just got home last night. I posted some of my adventures on my new, post-retirement blog

Cafe Pasadena said...

You need to tell your Fuller friends you have this blog, and not to be afraid to comment on it!

Bellis said...

I've just been pointed this way by Cafe. Had no idea you'd resurrected the blog. You're looking so fit! Are you still in Pasadena, or back in the land of imminent snow? So glad you had a good time here. Anyone who has ever lived in Southern California must miss it forever, especially the weather and the mountains - oh, and the beach, and ..... Come visit again, perhaps next March when you've had enough of the cold.