Saturday, May 09, 2009

nasa's jet propulsion laboratory

last sunday we went to j.p.l. for their annual open house. from the observation deck we got to see the new mars rover which is currently under construction in several different stages in this laboratory. apparently it is scheduled to be launched in 2012.

there were huge lines for every building and exhibit because of the fact that it was free, but we still had a great time. still kind of weird to me that this is right here in pasadena.

speaking of local events, our public information officer has a great list of upcoming free events. and today, i'll be attending this.


Jean Spitzer said...

I like the picture. It has a very 2001 Space Odyssey kind of feeling.

altadenahiker said...

I'm not sure what this looks like -- a little bit Willy Wonka, bottling plant, and laundramat.

LSaeta said...

I have never been to JPL and you are right, we all forget it is here in Pasadena. Have fun today ... the Beer fest sounds fun!

ben wideman said...

Jean, it feels a little like a space odyssey when you are inside.

AH, that is an awesome description. I totally agree.

LSaeta, I sure will try!

Anonymous said...

I always manage to miss this. Funny, you can take pictures inside JPL but not of that cheesy housing development on Colorado.