Friday, September 25, 2009

turning two

today marks two years since the creation of the sky is big in pasadena (an odd choice of first photo, don't you think?). this blog continues to be bigger than i ever imagined. while it may not have the largest following ever, each month brings new visitors and connects me with new people. i've been amazed that i ended up sticking with this idea for this long - what began as a side project during my first quarter at fuller seminary has changed into something i hope to stick with as long as we live in pasadena. as i said after year one, there continue to be some pictures that i'm really proud of, and some... not so much.

thank you all for your support!

a few stats from the first two years of posts:

almost 35,000 visitors, and over 54,000 page views
photo postings from at least 9 u.s. states (CA, NV, PA, VA, DE, MD, AZ, WA, OR)
visitors from 6 continents and countless countries
increase in visitors from the previous month's total in all but four months
starting with 144 visitors during the month of october 2007 to 2,558 during august 2009 (including 260 visitors in ONE DAY on august 31, 2009!)

52 friday neon posts
44 skywatch friday posts
20 theme days
98 posts of the lovely pasadena sky
38 pictures of city hall
24 photo requests (keep them coming!)


Keith said...

Congratulations on 2 years! Fun to look at stats like that, isn't it!

Firefly said...

Happy second blogeversary. I hope there are many more. Glad you are enjoying the braai smell. I hope the wind doesn't change direction.

Laurie said...

Congratulations, Ben! Here's to many more years of your wonderful shots, great insight, cool restaurant recommendations and ever-present wit. Cheers!!!

Ryan and Alethia White said...

When were you in the library at Caltech? I haven't been up there yet but now I'm inspired to take a little tour :)

ben wideman said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone.

We went to the Caltech library shortly after we got here to Pasadena. I'm not even sure if we were supposed to be up there, but we went anyway!

Cafe Pasadena said...

2 years already. Time goes bye, bye, quickly. Happy Anniversary, BW!

You're blog may not have as large a quantity of followers as some blogs, but your regular commenters are only of the very highest quality.

Now, let's play 2 more!

Petrea said...

Congratulations, Ben! You are one high quality human. I was on the Fuller campus today and I thought of you.

ben wideman said...

I do love my regular readers. Thanks you two!