Tuesday, October 27, 2009

guest photo: it might get loud

yesterday's comments revealed that i had missed out on getting a picture of the traffic signs around the rose bowl warning of loud music. fortunately my friend debbie snapped a shot and passed it on to me to use today. thanks deb!

the whole u2 at the rose bowl show can be seen right here, although i must admit that the recording really doesn't do justice to how loud the crowd noise was. of course, a traffic sign is not a great warning to the surrounding area, and some people were not impressed.

if you want to see more of the massive stage, see my facebook photos here.


Cafe Pasadena said...

it was also revealed that i missed out on getting a picture of the license plates from around the world, around the RB. unfortunately, no one snapped these shots for me!

a lot of noise 4 sure.

Brenda's Arizona said...

A friend of mine lives a block away from RB - he said the noise was ANNOYING LOUD when Rolling Stones were in concert a decade or so ago. How did U-2 compare?

Anonymous said...

I got around that night, and the volume was unpredictable. It's the nature of hillsides. Sound travels in unexpected ways.

Come for a visit in the "adjacents". Check out the comments. I too have U2 story to tell

Cool face book photos. Now I have a sense of what I was looking at.

Anonymous said...

"Very Loud Music." What a great picture!

Natalie DeJohn said...

Ha! That's a great sign.

ben wideman said...

Thanks! I like it a lot. I'm happy Deb was able to capture it!