Saturday, October 17, 2009

beer and cheese ( least a tiny bit)

as a part of l.a. beer week, i attended a beer and cheese tasting at whole foods last night. for $15 we had 5 generous beer samples paired with 5 different cheeses. we had a really enjoyable time.

unfortunately this picture was taken well after i had polished off most of the cheese... oops!


Cafe Observer said...

"unfortunately this picture was taken well after i had... oops!"

I know d feeling, bw! Too often I'll realize we've begun eating, when I tell my BFF, "Wait, Stop! I've haven't shot any pics yet!!"

I finally got over the "new WF @ Arroyo last month. Looked too intimidating to me compared to de WF I go 2 n HastingsRanch. I needed her to "hold my hand" before I could ck out the new edifice. I like it but will continue going 2 de HR WF.

Bibi said...

I was about to write something to the tune of "That's not much for $15, but it must have been good for you to pounce on it before you took a photo!

I love cheese more than beer!

Cindy said...


The wine bar over at WF Arroyo is a surprising find, isn't it? Their happy hour (4-7 I think?) Is 1/2 off glasses of wine (& maybe beer?) That makes a glass of wine $2.50. And free pizza bites. And you can bring in any food you buy there. Heh - I sound like a shill, but I just like good, cheap booze. Spread the love! :)