Monday, September 20, 2010

pasadena's boxing legacy

i'm not a big boxing fan, but i love the uniwatch blog and anything that has to do with sports asthetics.  so it was this beautiful jacket that caught my eye on a recent trip to the library.  do you see the chain stitching and needle work on that thing?  incredible.

as it turns out, this led me to learn a bit about pasadena's boxing history.  this jacket belonged to hall of fame boxer, canto "tnt" robledo, and there is a large display about his career and legacy on display right now at the library.

i also learned that there was a statue of some sort installed at the villa park community center this summer.  i may have to go do a little detective work and get a picture.

1 comment: said...

Thank you very much for posting our beautiful boxing jackets that my father and I would wear at the various boxing arenas. You should visit the Villa Parke Community Center to visit his living memorial wall Plaque. I have several other boxing photos , arrticles of my father, including his actual corner man jacket we would wear while working the corner of the fight. Canto has a Facebook page you can visit. Canto tnt Robledo.