Tuesday, November 02, 2010

fatburger pasadena - open!

 first off, congrats to mr. earl's san francisco giants - 2010 world series champs.  i haven't been a dodger fan long enough to find this news totally disheartening, and actually kind of took pleasure in seeing the underdog team take home the trophy.

speaking of exciting times - did you hear that fatburger is open in pasadena after a several year hiatus from our lovely city?  we stopped by yesterday and enjoyed their delicious burgers, crispy steak fries, and hamburger stand vibe.

it was crowded but the service was fast when we arrived in late afternoon, while some friends who passed the restaurant around noon said that the line spilled out on to the sidewalk.


West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

Looks yummy. Not particularly healthy, but yummy.

ben wideman said...

No, with "fat" in the name, I don't think they are really aiming for the health conscious consumer.

Steve Scauzillo said...

I've been to the one in Hollywood just a few weeks ago. Very good indeed. Where is this one in Pas? On Lake Ave north of the Freeway?

J.P. Pasadena resident said...

We went last night, through the long drive-thru and were trapped for 40 minutes, waiting to get to the window. Someone came to our window to take our order but they ended up preparing our meal a long time before we got to the window (hello, bad organizing and planning!) so our food was soggy and our "crispy" fries were mushy. They forgot one of our fries orders and didn't do the condiments the way we requested. A lot to put up with for $32 for 2 tiny burgers, 2 big burgers, 2 orders of fries and 2 sodas! When I called their number, no one picked up at all. Hopefully, next time (last chance) will be better. Very disappointing.

ben wideman said...

Yes - the drive through looks scary with the high volume of people that are trying it out for the first time PLUS a new staff.

I'd go in to the dining area for your second shot.

Steve - yes, the new location is just north of Orange Grove Blvd on Lake Ave.