Saturday, November 06, 2010

skywatch friday on saturday

i interrupted the regularly scheduled program to bring you the sand mandala, so today we're bouncing back in time to bring you some skywatch friday on saturday.

with a view like this one at the pasadena high school athletic fields, i wonder how players concentrate on playing their sport of choice??

more skywatch friday can be found, as usual, right here.


Bellis said...

This photo reminds me of the view of Table Mountain from Capetown. They call the cloud "The Tablecloth. I love seeing clouds like this, as it means we'll escape the heat for a while.

ben wideman said...

Ah yes, I'm very familiar with the Tablecloth. Great eye, Bellis!

Bellis said...

You've been to South Africa?

ben wideman said...

Yep - I've posted a few times about my experience. I spent a semester abroad in the fall of my last year of college. Spent a good chunk of our time in Cape Town, but spent time in several regions of the country. A beautiful and amazing place.