Wednesday, May 25, 2011

more from the tour of california

 on sunday i mentioned that we had traveled to claremont to watch a stage of this year's amgen tour of california bicycle race.  i wanted to share a few more photos from that day.  above you see a front on picture of the peloton as they circled the city of claremont.  you can see just how many people were out lining the streets, and how many professional riders started the race (although not many of them made it all the way up to the summit of mt. baldy.

below you can see how hard it is to photograph moving cyclists.  i almost deleted this image before even getting home but i'm glad i didn't because as it turns out - one cyclist happens to be crystal clear!  it is almost as if i photo-shopped it, or planned it that way!


Laurie said...

These are great!

mindful mule said...

I’ve been enjoying your photos for a little while now. Thanks. Clicked over from An Immovable Feast. Great shots of all the recent cycling events.

ben wideman said...

Glad you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.