Monday, March 07, 2011

colorado blvd (four years ago)

this was the first picture of pasadena that i ever took.  just over four years ago we flew from virginia to california so that we could have a nice california vacation and for me to check out fuller seminary (although at the time, i wasn't seriously considering it as an option).

we left behind cold winter weather, and arrived to sunny so-cal - much like what we've been experiencing lately.

we ended up falling in love with fuller seminary and with this city, and decided on the flight home that we might actually be crazy enough to load up our things and move all the way across the country.  we ended up making a decision that would change our lives, and we sure are happy we did that.


Cafe Pasadena said...

I think many people don't take seminary seriously. Out of ignorance & prejudice.

Why weren't you taking Fuller Seminary seriously 4 yrs ago??

ben wideman said...

1. Too far from friends and family
2. Too expensive
3. Not a Mennonite school

All turned out to be much less difficult than I imagined or worried about.