Saturday, April 23, 2011


sprouts' sign may say they are a farmers market, but that's not really the case.  sprouts is more like a scaled down version of whole foods market - mostly health foods, dried goods, and produce.  still, we enjoy shopping there from time to time.

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I havent been to the new one in Pasadena yet, opting to go to the one in Claremont as its close to me. I like Sprouts better than Whole Foods primarily because prices are generally cheaper and Sprouts carries raw milk, which Whole Foods stopped carrying about a year or to ago.* Sprouts is definitely not as trendy as WF. I love Sprouts fresh sourdough bread, there in-house cheeses and their selections of meat are pretty good too. The best burgers Ive made come from their beef.

Another reason I like Sprouts is because they dont have any rewards programs, so they arent monitoring your purchases and selling your data to hundreds of companies or sharing it with the government, insurance agencies, lawyers wanting to sue, etc. This is a big concern now in this digital age. Next time you need surgery, you better hope your insurance company doesnt check your purchase history and find you bought one too many beers, or one too many ______, cancelling out your surgery.

* while its notable to say the very young and very old should educate themselves before drinking raw milk, I find it totally refreshing. Those who have probs drinking milk such as lactose intolerant have no problems with raw milk. Raw milk is milk thats not pasteurized or homogenized, which means it has living organisms like yogurt does. Its pricey... I dont drink it every day, but I pick some up once in a while to keep my body in balance.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

being tracked by one's Health Care provider..Egads!!!

I like Sprouts a lot, and it's next to Cost Plus. Yes, it's a scaled down Whole Foods which we like to refer to as Whole Paycheck