Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dena burgers

woah - what happened to mi ranchito, and what in the world is dena burger?

just a few of the questions i had the other day as i walked by the former mexican restaurant on the corner of los robles and orange grove.  mi ranchito appears to have gone the way of so many other businesses at this intersection.  i guess it shouldn't surprise me.  people seemed to prefer getting their tacos, burritos, and other mexican street food from the butcher counter at king baja ranch (oddly enough you can still buy coupons to mi ranchito from

dena burgers (like pasa-"dena", get it?) seems like your standard los angeles county burger stop.  the menu includes a small selection of other sandwiches, plus breakfast items, burritos, pastrami, and stuff like that.  i ordered the cheeseburger and fries, and while it was certainly worth eating, it wasn't anything overly special.  the bun was enormous - maybe too big for the patty - and the fries were thinner shoestring-sized - pretty similar to the kind you find at chains with golden arches.

granted, this was just their second day in business, but i'd much rather go down the street to fatburger, or up the hill to connals.  but this place is really close to where we live, so i'm sure i will give it another shot.


JustinM said...

I've seen the "coming soon" sign for a few weeks and you have described the exact kind of place I expected it to be. I'll still try it, though.

ben wideman said...

I'm not sure if anyone has clicked on the image of the menu, but I had a good chuckle to myself to see that the drink menu is titled "Beberages".

Petrea Burchard said...

Oh, that's too funny, Ben.

I feel like an idiot for driving by almost daily and not noticing the change. But it doesn't matter to me as long as Perdue's is still across the street.

ben wideman said...

Hmm - I think their days are numbered. I haven't seen them open very much lately.

Petrea Burchard said...

That doesn't make me happy. I wish I could afford to eat out often enough to keep all my favorite restaurants open.

ben wideman said...

Well said, Petrea.