Monday, August 15, 2011

#13 - biking routes

august will be the last month of the sky is big in pasadena.  

i have accepted a position at salford mennonite church in harleysville, pennsylvania.  we will be moving in september, so august will be my farewell month to the city of pasadena.  when we moved here from virginia i posted a list of the ten things i would miss most about harrisonburg.  i figured that would be a good way to end our time here, so each day i will be doing one final rundown of life in this great city.  i have prepared two lists - ten things i won't be sad to leave behind, and twenty of my absolute favorite things about pasadena.  i am going to start with ten positives and ten negatives, alternating back and forth each day.  concluding with my top ten things about life in pasadena.
#13 - biking routes
los angeles county gets a really bad rap for its cycling culture.  let's face it - this town is owned by the automobile.  but, the san gabriel valley is filled with winding roads, mountain vistas, quiet neighborhoods, and quaint towns.  sometimes they are a bit hard to find, but that is what makes biking in this area so much fun.  ironically, when we left virginia i was sad that we'd be leaving the rolling country hills behind (you can see my lament in the list posted above).  i assumed it would be flat and boring out here, but it was anything but that.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Everybody comes to LA/Hollywood/Pasadena with misconceptions of what this place is, what they'll see or not see here, et al. One can say that about most any place we've never been to before but it's especially true about California.

Petrea Burchard said...

You're definitely the expert!

ben wideman said...

Well said, Cafe. That certainly applies to us.

Petrea, you're just being too nice!