Sunday, August 07, 2011

#17 - old town pasadena

august will be the last month of the sky is big in pasadena.  

i have accepted a position at salford mennonite church in harleysville, pennsylvania.  we will be moving in september, so august will be my farewell month to the city of pasadena.  when we moved here from virginia i posted a list of the ten things i would miss most about harrisonburg.  i figured that would be a good way to end our time here, so each day i will be doing one final rundown of life in this great city.  i have prepared two lists - ten things i won't be sad to leave behind, and twenty of my absolute favorite things about pasadena.  i am going to start with ten positives and ten negatives, alternating back and forth each day.  concluding with my top ten things about life in pasadena.

slightly trendy and a bit more upscale than we usually appreciate, we've still loved how close we are to this pasadena hotspot.  old town has a bit of everything.  it is walkable, accessible, and certainly one of the most appealing things about life in pasadena.  today's photo is of the corner where the kitchen is located - one of our favorite places to eat in old town.


Cafe Pasadena said...

And look at that Old theatre behind it that used to be in Old Towne. Just like a brunch of cafeteria's used two bee here too.

What's the fav item on the menu u like two order at the Kitchen?

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Best wishes to you Ben on your move and new life... Your observances of the world around you will be appreciated wherever you may go.

Petrea Burchard said...

I love this picture, Ben. The subject matter, yes, and the light. Wow.

Susan Campisi said...

Coming from the east coast, I can really relate to your list of Pasadena positives and negatives. Best of luck on your next adventure.

ben wideman said...

@Cafe - I really like the deep dish pizza, but I think everything I've tried on the menu has been good - especially in relation to the popular and much more expensive Italian restaurant that I won't name.

Genie, thanks for checking in!

Petrea, thanks again for your lovely words this morning!

Susan, thank you so much!

Laurie said...

Really going to miss you in the San Gabriel Valley.