Thursday, August 11, 2011

#15 - the rose bowl

august will be the last month of the sky is big in pasadena.  

i have accepted a position at salford mennonite church in harleysville, pennsylvania.  we will be moving in september, so august will be my farewell month to the city of pasadena.  when we moved here from virginia i posted a list of the ten things i would miss most about harrisonburg.  i figured that would be a good way to end our time here, so each day i will be doing one final rundown of life in this great city.  i have prepared two lists - ten things i won't be sad to leave behind, and twenty of my absolute favorite things about pasadena.  i am going to start with ten positives and ten negatives, alternating back and forth each day.  concluding with my top ten things about life in pasadena.
# 15 - the rose bowl

iconic in every way, this looming stadium is tucked away in the arroyo seco.  its precarious environment doesn't prevent it from hosting huge events throughout the year from college football to international soccer to major concerts.  we were fortunate to check out a ucla football game during our time here, but the highlight rose bowl event for me was the incredible u2 concert that was streamed on youtube and eventually released as a concert dvd.


Petrea Burchard said...

Here's one where I may have to pick up your mantle. Do you believe I've never been inside?

ben wideman said...

Wow - and you admit this out loud to the blogging world??

Cafe Pasadena said...

PB has to go to a football game there this season - for Ben's sake!
I've been inside but usually when its vacant & nuttin' happening.

That U2 concert was not one of their best, imho. Certainly the song selection could easily have been better. Good but not great that nite.

Bellis said...

Best time to go is the July 4 celebration. Made me feel good to be an American.

It's also fun to go to the Flea Market around the perimeter and all over the parking lots. Fairground atmosphere.

Lynette said...

The series, both sides of it, continues to enlighten. Thanks!

Petrea Burchard said...

I can't stand noise and I can't stand crowds. I'll go when Cafe goes: vacant and nuttin happenin.