Thursday, July 03, 2008

dinner with friends

some of our friends from virginia are visiting pasadena this week on their cross-country tour. it was great to have dinner with traci, beth, and carissa. we ended up going to the kitchen, a fantastic little italian eatery in old town. oh, and it was matt and shawna's aniversary. congrats you two! happy to celebrate with you.


Anonymous said...

Ben, I rarely go into that part of Pasadena but The Kitchen is 1 place I remember going to when it 1st opened. It's good 2 c it's still open. What's with this "cross-country tour"?

Ineke said...

it's so surprising to me to see men with beards :) I know, i've seen you have one too, but honestly, no one in the Netherlands has a beard. A moustache maybe. When you are in the army or police force. But beards. No.

Sorry for ramblin on.
Looks like you a great night out with friends :)

ben wideman said...

Mike - ya, they started out in Virginia, headed north by plane to attend a wedding in the midwest, then headed west by train to Seattle before renting a car to drive down the west coast. Visiting friends along the way and seeing the sites. Pretty cool!

Ineke - must be theological study that inspires the growth of facial hair. Quite a few of my friends and fellow students have some facial hair here at the seminary. Maybe we think it makes us look more intelligent :)

Petrea Burchard said...

I do think scholarly men like to grow beards! I wonder why that is.

I also why men in the Netherlands don't have them!