Thursday, December 11, 2008

it's all about framing

sorry south pasadena, here's another image of the dreaded 710 highway. another classic example of a picture i almost deleted before getting home and realizing it actually had some potential.


Laurie said...


Trish said...


but, never delete until you've really looked at a photo---even the blurry ones have potential sometimes!

ben wideman said...

I said I was sorry!

Cafe Observer said...

I still have my No 710 FW cup from last century.

Trish said... is an automatic reaction for when the SC band plays the song, my hand with 2 fingers, shoots up and wags in the wind. Or when someone mentions UCLA i snarl and boo. I was BORN to it...sorry. 710 is a bad number in my mind!

Cafe---wow...that's nostalgia!

ben---I do like the lines (the chicken wire over the iron fence too!), the color and the lonely looking street lamp hanging out--not standard issue for Orange Grove and Linda Vista...but kewl indeed.