Monday, December 08, 2008

over the rhine plays fuller seminary

touting last night's concert as "the first time we've ever played at a seminary", over the rhine took the stage to a packed house. playing a mix of old songs and new (and even a couple of original christmas tunes thrown in for good measure), they really captivated the crowd from the beginning of the set, to the end of their encore. another fantastic concert experience in what is becoming a string of really great shows for me. up next on our musical journey is the watkin's family christmas concert on thursday (providing we can get tickets!), followed by chanticleer at the disney concert hall next week.

if you haven't done so, be sure to vote for your favorite photo of the year right here! this photo is out to an early lead.

another side note - i'm happy to see that east of allen snagged a picture of the stealth bomber fly over that happened in pasadena yesterday!

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Petrea said...

You're becoming a specialist in the Pasadena music scene, Ben! Well done.