Saturday, January 03, 2009

"bollywood dreams"

one of my favorite parade floats and picture #2 from thursday's rose parade. built by the sierra madre rose float association, it isn't the most elaborate, but does have an exceptional range of colors and patterns. plus it has an elephant!

as you can see, this is a low level unobstructed view of the float - which we obtained by spending the night sleeping on the cold hard pasadena sidewalk. an experience that i'm not looking to re-live anytime soon.

i'll be posting a few more pictures of the parade over the next few days - but if you need a fix now of more shots, you can find them at various other blogs.


Afyonkarahisar said...

The Images is wonderful.

PJA said...

When my daughter was about 3, I took her to the parade and decided to find a spot half way down Colorado Blvd. We lucked upon a group of nuns who let my daughter and me sit in front of them on the curb. This worked for 2 more years until we moved away. So my advice to you Ben is have or rent a child and find those nuns if you don't want to sleep on the cold hard pavement.

ben wideman said...

A child, eh? alright, we'll get started on that for next year :)

Cafe Observer said...

Sleeping on the cold, hard pavement too hard for your old, elderly body, bw?

2 show i care, I may 4 de next parade run a contest: pick a person who leaves a comment on my blog in 2009 to give the opportunity to sleep in comfort the night before the parade. Then, that person will be able to join us at parade time at our pretty good viewing location. An hour before, I will treat him/her to a hot drink & pastry at my EuroPane Cafe hangout .

Sumthing 2 think about.

ben wideman said...

Sounds like a good idea Cafe!

I've got to admit, it was fun to do this once - and really fun to witness the cars getting pelted with silly string, marshmallows, etc.