Wednesday, January 21, 2009

introducing pastor joe

on sunday, pasadena mennonite church officially installed joe roos as their lead pastor after two years of searching for someone to replace jim brenneman who had helped found pmc and had been the only lead pastor this young church had ever known.

this is a significant moment in any faith community. selecting someone to lead is a difficult task, but i think we've found a pretty special guy in pastor joe. he helped jim wallis start sojourners magazine, has spent several years as a lead pastor near washington dc, and just returned from serving at an international school in india with his wife. for a church that is passionate about global issues, social justice, and christ's call to peace, he should fit in just perfectly.

i can't take credit for this photo. pmc is fortunate to have several gifted photographers. john barkman is one of them and he does an exceptional job at documenting the life of the church. this photo is his, and if you'd like to sample more of his work, check out this website.


MaCoBra said...

Indeed a special moment, we have had a new pastor installed a few years ago. It makes so much difference who is leading. With our pastor we made steps 'outside the building' which is quit uncommen, usually the state takes care of social issiues.
We organise from time to time meals for people of poorer means which is a blessing to do but also a great experience. Good luck and bless with your new pastor.
Regards from Marcel

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ben. Do you know what year the Pasadena Mennonite Church was founded? Also..Have you ever attended a Quaker meeting? Curious

ben wideman said...

Thanks PA!

I've never been to a Quaker meeting before. Much like Mennonites, I'm sure the spectrum is broad as far as how different each congregation is. I once attended an old order Mennonite church in Virginia where the men still sat on one side and the women on the other. Everyone rode to church in their horse and buggy. It was very interesting!