Saturday, July 04, 2009

21 choices frozen yogurt

always busy and full of people. 21 choices is the locally owned choice when it comes to frozen yogurt - done up in the coldstone add-in style.

happy 4th of july. on a holiday often marked with the memories of armed conflict victories, i encourage us all pause and think about those patriots who were committed to bettering the world through non-violent means. people like martin luther king jr, dorothy day, cesar chavez, or tom fox.

have a great weekend!


1916home said...

One of my favorite places in Pasadena. You can skip the whole line if you order a pre-made flavor from the list up on their wall.

Regarding wars... America has put many vile dictators into power. Saddam, Mao, Noriega, Castro, even Hitler and Stalin if you follow the money trails of American bankers to Germany and Russia.

The point is, America creates the monsters, then uses its might to destroy them. This may keep our economy going, but its a sick way to do it IMO. I believe in freedom and liberty (not democracy), but what freedom and liberty are our troops really fighting for? They are stuck in a meat grinder of American politicians and banking elite. God save this country.

Who afterall really wants war? I cant say i've been to Iraq or Afghanistan, but I have been all over Europe and eastern Europe and a couple spots in the Middle East. If you talk to a christian, jew or muslim... the truth is... everyone is friendly and hospitable. Nobody Ive ever met wants war. There is NOTHING that cant be solved without a couple of good beers. :)

Happy Fourth Everyone!

ben wideman said...


Thanks so much for sharing, and enjoy your holiday weekend!

Clare Scott said...

I love 21 Choices too, particularly the fact that all their bowls and spoons are compostable, so I can enjoy eating out without generating plastic waste. And the ices are all organic - great stuff.

TheRandomTraveler said...

Much like Baskin Robins 31 flavors...but yogurt is probably better...

ben wideman said...

Clare - good point about the eco-friendly containers.

RandomTraveler - I prefer this, but I also enjoy our local Baskin Robins. I think there are actually more than 21 choices here, maybe they should think about a name change.