Thursday, July 16, 2009

team astana

the tour de france is taking place right now. for those who are unaware, this marks the second time lance armstrong has returned to the tour after taking time off (the first time during his fight with cancer, the second is his return from retirement).

currently lance's team astana is doing pretty well - 4 riders in the top 10, and ranked second overall in team time. the tour has not been without some drama as we are all still wondering how things will shake down between lance (currently in 3rd place) and his teammate alberto contador (currently in 2nd).

today's picture is of team astana and is from this year's tour of california stage that ended in pasadena.


Cafe Pasadena said...

BW, I wish I could race like you guys and gals.

ben wideman said...

I think we've covered this before...

But I was not racing in the Tour of California, simply observing. These are serious athletes and no matter how much we pretend to be awesome on our bicycles, we fall slightly short of professional status.