Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the baseball reliquary

a baseball post during the all-star break.

one of the coolest things about pasadena is the baseball reliquary. this organization is kind of like the baseball hall of fame for the obscure. every year the display memorabilia displays around southern california (including the current baseball card display at the main library) and once a year they host their 'shrine of the eternals' induction day.

this year's event is taking place on sunday at the pasadena main library. if you are a baseball fan, or just a fan of unique history, you should try and attend. two years ago the event took place a few weeks before our arrival in california. last year we were out of town for a wedding. this year i'm going to be there!

today's picture is from a recent display at pasadena city college.


Eamon said...

First time I've come across the term 'reliquary' - you've helped expand my linguistic range. Funny to see it used for the first time for something as secular as baseball. Nice!

ben wideman said...

I'm not even sure I know how to pronounce it... but I'm glad for expanding your horizons!