Thursday, February 11, 2010


our recent rainy weather (again) gave us another dusting of snow on our mountain range. i asked my friend chris (from monday's post) to capture an image from his home. you can see the snow dotting the tops - i wish i had my camera out earlier in the morning, because the snow came down even further than is shown here.

here we get the benefits of the snow's beauty, without the incredible headache that has occurred on the east coast this winter.

side note: i just discovered that another pasadena photoblog has been added to city daily photo! sorry to be late to the party on this, but welcome to the family - pasadena, 91105 and beyond. that makes three in pasadena alone, and many more in southern california.


Cafe Pasadena said...

For a 2nd when I saw your pic I thought I was at another area blog!

Katt's Pasadena 91105 is a wunderfully fine daily photo blog! Yet another who takes better shots than me. Still, you'll never see me operating a daily blog if only cuz I wanna live to at least 50.

Lorri said...

What a nice capture...great overview.

Yes, I agree re the snow, living in the SFV affords the beauty of the mountains without the headaches.

Laurie said...

I managed to get a shot day before yesterday in the morning before it all melted. We've all gone a little bit snow crazy with all these storms! I'm like a big kid when I see those frosty mountains. I never get sick of them.