Wednesday, June 16, 2010

for shame!

almost two years ago i posted this photo on my blog. anyone who lives in pasadena knows where the a-american storage co. sign is located, and understands that it is something of a landmark.

yesterday kat over at pasadena 91105 and beyond (one of this area's many fantastic daily photobloggers) posted this alarming image. yes, the sign has been covered up by a run-of-the-mill public storage advert.

not cool. no word yet if this is only temporary. let us all hope that it is!

thanks to kat for today's image.

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Kat said...

Hey there-- some good news! Local bloggers with better contacts than me, namely: have discovered this:

"A temporary use permit was issued to allow the banner to be installed temporarily until alterations to the historic sign to reflect the new business name are approved and permitted. Pasadena’s Design and Historic Preservation Department is currently working with Public Storage on an application for design review to ensure that the new design meets the Secretary of the Interior Standards. The sign is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.”
Update from Kevin Johnson, Planner, Design and Historic Preservation Section, City of Pasadena."

Also, according to there's going to be a hearing about any changes to the sign. People who are interested, are welcome to attend the hearing. You can get on Ann's distribution list to be updated on upcoming hearings by emailing her at:

Personally, I hope to make it to that hearing and make sure that the city knows that people pay attention.

Thanks to everyone who looked into this issue, and posted it on their blogs. It's so nice that the community can tap their resources to get information, and to take action on it!