Sunday, August 22, 2010

jonathan broxton visits pasadena

i noticed that temporarily demoted dodger closer, jonathan broxton, was going to be at the at&t store in pasadena's hastings ranch neighborhood yesterday.  i decided to head over to get an autograph on this photo that i took earlier this year.  the event was pretty well attended, but i got there after it had started and was still able to get my photograph signed. 

i'm trying to decide if i should start adding non-hall of famer autographs to my new blog...  take a visit and chime in.

i get the sense that the dodgers do these kinds of community events more than other mlb teams do.  maybe because they have another team so close by?  either way, i'm not complaining.  other teams should take notice.


Bogdan Stelistul said...

Salut!!!My name is bogdan from Romania!!!
We can be friends ???

ben wideman said...

Thanks for checking out the blog, Bogdan. What an interesting name.

Petrea said...

I don't follow sports but I think you should include the non- hall of famers. You never know if they'll end up there one day.

ben wideman said...

Well - some of them I know for sure if they only appeared in one or two games, and then were never seen from again. But you're right, maybe I will do a quick series on the various signatures in my collection.