Tuesday, August 31, 2010

rest in peace

brix 42 was a place i had hoped would remain a part of the pasadena landscape.  i liked the food, i liked the atmosphere, and most importantly, i liked that they brewed their own beer.

after a few months it became clear that things were beginning to crumble.  desperate for more business, their website began promoting things like comedy night, club night, karaoke night, and all night happy hour.  a friend and i had thought about going recently and noticed they were no longer open on mondays or tuesdays - beginning of the end, he said.  he was right.

the other day mr. earl was looking for a local watering hole to take a friend who was visiting from out of town.  i recommended brix 42, but after checking their website, mr. earl informed me that they had indeed closed for business.

looking back it was probably inevitable.  the seemingly cursed location has housed a lengthy list of establishments that last for a few years and then crumble.  while i was happy brix 42 made their own beer, none of it was memorable enough for me to want to go back on a regular basis to have a pint.  i'm sad to see it go, but i'm hoping someone else who has a passion for brewing can move in to the space and start making some clever and creative ales for the pasadena public.


JustinM said...

I'm shocked it lasted as long as it did. I went there a couple times and thought it was the worst of the half dozen locations that have been there over the last decade. The final straw was the time we thought about having a last-drink-of-the-evening there and there was a line at the door... despite the fact there were maybe fifteen or twenty people inside.

ben wideman said...

In all honesty I probably haven't been in over a year and wasn't really in a hurry to return. I guess that sums it up right there.

JustinM said...

Did you read this article in the Weekly? Where the owner blames everyone except himself? (And, by the way, if business was so good, why did Brix go from being open 7 days a week, to 6 days a week, to 5 days a week?)

ben wideman said...

Huh - now that is an interesting one. I always wondered why they felt it was important to have a dance club atmosphere in a gastropub... weird.

Michael Coppess said...

The PW article is interesting. Hard to know what really happened. I was there about six months ago and the place was empty.

Hey, I like the new Rose Bowl header.

likenarnia said...

I like the new Rose Bowl header, too.

But Brix 12 went the way of Union Cattle Company and whatever was in that spot before (Pasadena Brewing Co??). Maybe that location is just hexed.

ben wideman said...

Yep - the article mentions something like six places since it was a fitness center. Not a good track record.

MikeK said...

I probably went to Brix 42 3 different times whenever I visited Pasadena from Orange County.

I found the overall atmosphere, service, and food quite acceptable. What I did not care for was their beer, the primary reason I went there to begin with. While I expected some growing pains due to the fact that I happened to stumble upon the place just after they opened, my subsequent visits discovered that the brewmaster had not improved his ales during the intervals away.

Too bad, I had hoped that the place would make a go of it since brewpubs are my preferred eating and drinking establishments.

I also like the new header, course, I like the previous lheader to.

Petrea said...

I'm sorry Brix didn't make it. I went a couple of times and liked the beer and the food. I'm not crazy about having the TV on when I go to a drinking/dining establishment, but I don't think that was the problem. Other businesses down that way do fine (Buca de Beppo) so what's the deal? I'm sure I don't know.