Sunday, August 15, 2010

cd sunday: the beatles' white album

after a short hiatus, i'm back with my top 20 favorite album countdown (in no particular order).  you can see the full list thus far, at the bottom of this blog post.

today's album is from a classic band, and it is one of their classic albums.  rather than explain why i think this deserves to be on my list of favorite albums, i'm going to post a letter i just sent out to some friends.  i think it does a good job of explaining a bit of the feeling and emotion i have about this record...

The White Album (Remastered)Hey all,

I recently popped in a Beatles CD and the song "Day Tripper" came on and I was immediately transported back to the 8th grade talent show, playing that song with you all (I still can't believe we didn't win).

Of course that made me think back to practice sessions in the basement, listening to that one song on the White Album on the record player (over and over again), and shooting pool when we didn't feel like playing anymore. Those band practices gave me a chance to belong, to be a part of something meaningful, and to get to know my guitar.

Those are really happy memories in a time of life that I don't necessarily look back on with a whole lot of excitement - still trying to define who I was, still trying to fit in or be cool, and going through growing up and all that stuff.

Not surprisingly, music has continued to be a huge part of my life, and has shaped and transformed me in ways I probably can't even see.

This note is way more sentimental and sappy than I expected it to be, but I just wanted to say thanks for those memories.

I hope you all are doing well, wherever you are, and whatever you are up to these days.


1. u2 - the joshua tree
2. dave matthews band - crash
3. cake - comfort eagle
4. blue rodeo - five days in july
5. the beach boys - pet sounds
6. coldplay - viva la vida
7. weezer - pinkerton
8. mates of state - re-arrange us
9. radiohead - ok computer 
10. nickel creek - this side
11. u2 - how to dismantle an atomic bomb


Steve Scauzillo said...

The White Album: Loving it so much, playing "Back in the USSR" and "Rocky Raccoon" over and over.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

good choice

ben wideman said...

Thanks! Keep checking back to see what else is on the list.