Monday, June 16, 2008

path to freedom

billing itself as the original modern urban homestead and sustainable living resource center, this lovely home is located right in the city of pasadena. instead of a grass lawn, they have a garden, and not just any garden.

their goal in 2008 is to harvest 10,000 lbs of food on their 1/10 of an acre plot. not only do they grow food for themselves, they also sell food to local establishments, families, and friends. impressive!

you can learn more about their goals and mission right here.


Palm Axis said...

Very enjoyable post, beautiful photos and an interesting link. Care to tell us where it's located?
A street name maybe.

Ben Wideman said...

Oh, good call! I should have included that. They are located right along Cypress Ave, just north of Orange Grove, across from a school.

It's worth driving, walking or riding by sometime.

Palm Axis said...

Thanks, I have a related link on Palm Axis under re-seed.