Friday, June 13, 2008

cheesecake factory

i try and stay away from chain restaurants in my blog postings, but i'm going to make an exception for the cheesecake factory in old town.

for those of you who are new to this blog, friday is usually a posting of something in neon lights. you can see past postings right here.

today i fly across the country for one of 4 trips east this summer. i'll be spending the week in washington, dc where i will be attending a bread for the world conference and hanging out with friends. i also hope to take in a ballgame at the new nationals park. hopefully i can find an internet connection and post a few pictures of my trip while i'm on the east coast, but in case i don't, this thing is on autopilot for the next few days. try not to miss me too much!


AP said...

I want some cheesecake.

Ben Wideman said...

me too AP, me too.