Sunday, July 13, 2008

greetings from stouffville, ontario!

main street, stouffville.

this town is growing, and so is the traffic. this image is relatively clear from the hustle and bustle, which is the way i remember this town. click on the image and you can see that the canadian flags are still up from the canada day weekend and the strawberry festival.

i may be treading on ken's territory here with his fantastic stouffville daily photo, but i'm here, so i'm taking pictures... least i was until my camera broke. anyone have any suggestions on a new one? although i love taking pictures, i think i'm going to stick with a digital point and shoot instead of going with a slr body and a bunch of lenses (no money for that now).


Palm Axis said...

Ben, is this the town you grew up in or the place your sister is to be married: (or all of the above?) I'm glad to see you posting from Canada. I imagine your having a ball with family and friends.

My Cannon G2 Powershot is malfunctioning so I too am on the lookout. Cannon of course, I'm brand loyal.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what are all those Canadian flags doing on Santa Monica USA?? Ho ho!

I'm kinda glad everyone is now lookin 4 a new camera like me! You probably will get yours b4 I do. So report bak 2 me your findings. Currently, I'm in the under $350 range.
BW, you appear to gravitate toward longer distance pics, so I would strongly recommend more than the standard 3x optical zoom.
Ck out:,,

Petrea said...

I'd be interested to know (like Palm) if this is home as well.

I've been happy with my Olympus SP-350. It's the small one I showed you. I think it does a lot more than I know how to make it do. But I'd sure love to get a fancy lens or two.

Ben Wideman said...

Palm and Petrea - Well, I went to high school in Uxbridge, church in a bigger town called Markham, my address was Claremont, but Stouffville is the closest town, so it feels like my home town. And yes, the same applies for my sister's wedding. My parent's place is officially in Claremont so I guess that's where she is actually getting married. How is that for confusion?

Life - thanks for the tip. I'm going to go shopping with my wife up here I think. We want a camera for the wedding, so we'll take a bit of a hit I think as far as finding the best deals. But you are right, the zoom lens is something I'm paying attention to.