Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i work with corn

one more picture from the wedding. dave and felicia met at rouge river farms, growers of some of the finest sweet corn in ontario. we knew their guest list included many current and former employees, including two owners of the business, but we didn't know how big the group was until we got everyone together for a picture. pretty amazing, we made up about 20% of the guests at the party.


Laurie Allee said...

Yummmm.... sweet corn...

I don't know if you read Michael Pollan's book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, but it's a fascinating look at how we grow and eat food in the US, with much of the text focusing on corn. I don't know if Canada is as equally involved as the US with producing commodity corn but I was surprised at how few growers actually grow the kind of corn that we eat.

Looks like a fun bunch at the wedding. I think it's so lovely to wed in a corn field!

Ben Wideman said...

As a grad student I don't have much time for extra reading, but that book is one on the top of my list.

Most people don't even realize there are two types of corn that are grown. Sweet corn production is like growing tomatoes or something, while field corn is more like harvesting wheat or soy beans with a big combine harvester.

The wedding was at the edge of the field, not quite in it but still pretty cool!

kaleb said...

ok, am lol'ing...if you open the pic in a new window, almost everyone looks like they are possessed---auto red-eye fixing? Or, just a feature? I especially like the UFO flying over their right shoulders.

ditto on the source of corn---sweet corn is just that, sweet.

Ben Wideman said...

Ya, this was the best pic I could come up with. The wedding photographer got an actual good shot, but the camera that this was taken with gave off some weird vibes to the people in the image.