Thursday, November 20, 2008

introducting castle green (day 4)

for those fortunate enough to visit the castle green, the architecture stretches all the way out to the street to greet your arrival. this gazebo like structure showcases the castle green name, and gives a great lookout post for those wanting to do a little people watching.

for more info on the castle green, check out the website and wikipedia entry.

update: thanks to mr. earl for pointing out that this used to stretch across the road to a second building!


Mister Earl said...

Hi Ben! I'm sure you know that the gazebo-like structure that stretches out to the street was once part of a bridge that crossed Raymond Avenue and connected with another building, because the Hotel Green consisted of two buildings. There must be photos of the original hotel, with the bridge crossing the street, floating around the internet. If you take the tour, there may be such photos inside the building.

Mister Earl said...

In fact, there's such a photo on their website under "history.

Trish said...

mister earl---you beat me to the punch---again! ;-)

glad we can keep up the stories---to keep things alive!

when I was a kid, my grandmother told me we could not go to Castle Green, it was where women waited for their divorces to be finalized and "we" did not associate with "them". Ironic, as my parents divorced years later.

pasadenapio said...

The "bridge" used to span all the way across Raymond Avenue to a twin building across the street, where Stats is now. If you go to the southeast corner of Raymond and Green (south end of Stats), you'll see the last remaining remnant of that building, which sadly was demolished many years ago with the exception of that corner with the great curved window.

Anonymous said...

I've never been in the roost. Funny story about the ladies waiting for divorces. Thought that was a Reno thing. I need to remember to pay a visit to Stats. My curiosity is up.

ben wideman said...

PIO - thanks again for the insight.

PA - take lots of pictures!