Sunday, November 23, 2008

crime scene at lucky baldwin's

lucky baldwin's is an english pub just down the street from the castle green (with one of the best beer selections in pasadena i might add). which is why i was surprised to see a van with ncis printed on the side. the crowd of people and trucks full of equipment confirmed that the tv show ncis was filming an episode in pasadena.

a cool aspect of living in pasadena is that the city posts any filming activity on their website. so if you want to do some star searching, you just figure out what is filming, and where it's filming at.

6 comments: said...

What have you heard Ben? Did they look in the utility closet? behind the crates of Orange Pips? Do we know the whereabouts of Mr Baldwin? Did you find a shoe?

Petrea said...

I'm often tempted to pull over and ask for a job. But that's what the security guards are for.

Cafe Observer said...
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ben wideman said...

PA - Mr. Baldwin, in the utility closet, with the shoe.

Petrea - I wondered the same thing as I took these pictures. What if I just walked up? Those guards didn't look to welcoming.

Cafe - Did you know I'm somewhat of a beer connoisseur? Until crashed last week, I've been using that as a means to rank and sort the many hundreds of beers I've sampled.

Cafe Observer said...

Yeah, they are always filming sumthing around here.
One day I'm gonna c u on TV, bw.

A few yrs back I was eatin @ Highland Cafe on colorado. Outside, directly in front, was a production team filming something. I left having to walk thru their setup.

How do you know so much about the beer at the pub??

Petrea said...

Moji's Cafe used to be next to Lucky's on Raymond. The nicest people. When John and I shot a short film, they let us shoot a scene there.