Saturday, November 29, 2008

oh what a thanksgiving!

from plates piled high with food, to hanging out with old friends, it was quite an amazing day. sky watching took priority yesterday, so that means you get thanksgiving images two days after the event.

most of the people around our table were fellow emu alums - some from the local area, and others who were visiting from other parts of the world. isn't that what thanksgiving is all about? spending time with loved ones and eating great food.


Cafe Observer said...

It's good to see a womennonite there along with you mennonites.

ben wideman said...

ha ha, funny stuff!

Kim said...

Hey, that looks very familiar. . .was I there? I'm not recognizing the people, but I know that plate! ;^)
Blessing to y'all, Ben.
Seattle Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried fried Cajun turkey?

ben wideman said...

No, but I hear great things. amazing flavor and really moist - and that it can be incredibly dangerous if you aren't careful!

Tim and Deb said...