Sunday, November 30, 2008

bullet the blue sky

the day after thanksgiving we took a trip to joshua tree national park. it was my first visit to god's country, and we had a great time bouldering and hiking around where the streets have no name. i also made sure to take the time to sit back and listen to u2's the joshua tree album on my ipod.

for those southern california bloggers looking for a place to take some pictures, head to joshua tree and just point and shoot. it's almost impossible to take a bad shot here.


Guy D said...

Beautiful, that sky looks refreshing.

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice Photo. I've been reading about HDR photography that takes essentially three different pictures of the same scene (at three different exposures). The result would be an effect that lights both the sky, and in this case, the rock and tree in foreground. But I like the silhouette as well.

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Petrea said...

I know you love music. For me, the best thing to listen to at Joshua tree is the silence. If you get away from the campsites and other climbers, it can be amazing. It's a magical place. There's no silence like that in town.

ben wideman said...

I fully agree Petrea. I spent some time in silence as well. I just had to listen to the album that was born from this part of the country, but the silence was almost as breathtaking.