Monday, April 27, 2009

rockford peaches

the wonderful pasadena adjacent tipped me off to an exhibit happening at pasadena city college. organized by the fantastic (and locally based) baseball reliquary inc., it features many really items displayed. the above photo of course is from the rockford peaches baseball team, made famous in this fantastic movie.

from their website:

"lost to time: bygone baseball teams, an exhibition which utilizes artworks, artifacts, photographs, and documents to explore the fascinating history of a variety of semi-professional and professional baseball teams from the past. featured teams include the house of david, zulu cannibal giants, carmelita chorizeros, rockford peaches, seattle pilots, and st. louis browns."

there are a few more days to check it out at pcc before it moves on to pomona, ca.


Anonymous said...

Well aren't you sweet!

ben wideman said...

Thanks PA!