Wednesday, November 18, 2009

it's been a while

we haven't been to the getty center in quite some time, but it remains one of our favorite destinations in los angeles county. i was flipping through my photo archives searching for a photo for today and came across this one. it shows off two of the things the getty does well - architecture and landscaping. oh, and the art collection and view are pretty solid too.


Cafe Observer said...

I went on it's very 1st day. it's public grand opening. when everything was brand new! i was luckier back then.

now, things are getting old around there. some things are even looking like they've been around a thousand years.

Ryan and Alethia White said...

It's one of my favourite places in la too :) Great photo!

ben wideman said...

Cafe, that is a pretty cool story!

Alethia, we need to go there on a double date sometime!