Sunday, November 29, 2009

largo at the coronet

largo at the coronet is one of my favorite music venues in los angeles. we attended recently to revisit the watkins family hour - an incredible evening of music based around siblings sean and sara watkins of nickel creek fame. we were treated to a spell-binding set of folk/bluegrass/gospel fusion that even included a guest appearance by fiona apple. if this sounds appealing, i'd strongly recommend checking out their upcoming christmas show on december 16th.


Cafe Observer said...

Fiona Apple appeared? Great lyrics & voice.

Doesn't surprise me. She tends to play around locally - usually at concerts not of her own.

Petrea said...

I like her, too. Great voice.

The Coronet used to be a venue for theatre--you know, like plays. Is it all music now?

ben wideman said...

Looks like it is primarily live music acts - from time to time they seem to have comedy nights, but rarely theatrical events.