Tuesday, November 24, 2009

tweed, mustache, and moxie ride #2

oh my, what a fun ride. i love this picture for so many reasons - the clothes, bikes with fenders (purely added just for show in southern california!), the fact that the group is keeping pace with a bus, the way the buildings frame the shot,... so much to like.

check out monday's post for more on the ride and the link to the flickr page with more shots from the ride.

update: some photos from another area blogger.


Dave said...

Hey that looks like a lot of fun! Is there a society or club we can join to get in on this old style movement? Is there a name for it? I recently purchased my first hand crank antique phonograph... all I need now is a bike and the garb to go with it!

ben wideman said...

Great question! I would say that the easiest way to get in on events like this is to do a google search for tweed ride and your city. You may also want to connect with cycling advocates in your area as these groups often plan rides like this.