Sunday, November 08, 2009

riding for my life

about a year ago i announced that i had collected and saved enough money to buy a new bicycle. many of my faithful readers donated to my cause, and i couldn't believe it when i actually got to take it out for the first ride.

if you look closely at this image you'll see that my odometer just passed 3000 miles. 3000 miles in just over one year of riding. i'm pretty happy with that.

a little poking around the internet revealed that driving those miles in our midsize car would have added about 1.65 tons of carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

go ride your bike!


Brenda's Arizona said...

Please comment on your Cateye model. I have two Cateyes, one for each bike, love 'em, but one is much more complex than I want.
Thanks for your riding!

ben wideman said...

I have a Cateye Mity 8. It is the only speedometer I've ever owned and I really like it - especially in comparison to the problems my friends seem to have all the time with other ones. It is still on its original battery after 4 years of riding, and it is simple enough to use but complex enough to give me some good stats - trip 1 and 2, odometer, time, max speed, average.

Petrea said...

Ben, you're stylin'.

Cafe Pasadena said...

I'm all for pulling out more people from their cars to put them onto bikes. Especially those who don't belong behind a steering wheel.

Great idea!
A beneficial by-product wood bee less traffic for the resta us drivers!

ben wideman said...

Cafe - I'm not sure if I can handle your unique comments on the SAME blog post on both facebook and blogger... maybe choose one?

Cafe Pasadena said...

Thanks, bw! What a relief! It will be either 1 or the 2nd. Depending on what side of the internet I get up on.