Friday, December 04, 2009

christmas in southern california

i'm not sure about you, but adding holiday decorations to sunny palm-lined streets doesn't really make me feel like christmas is just around the corner... do you see the green reindeer sitting on the red tree ornament?

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Cafe Pasadena said...

Don't think of Christmas as related to the material world you see around.

fickleinpink said...

yeah, I see the reindeer!

anyway, have a great weekend!
TGIF! Have a great week!
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life's beautiful!

Antjas said...

The one thing I did like about Christmas in So Cal was the poinsettias on front door steps. Here we have to hide them inside.

eileeninmd said...

Is the red Christmas ornament and the reindeer the only decorations on the street? It is a cool looking reindeer.

ben wideman said...

At night we get to see snowflakes illuminated on some walls in town. Oh, and of course there is a big tree set up as well.

emily michelle said...

I definitely saw the reindeer as an opera singer at first. It's true, Christmas ornaments and palm trees make an unusual combination.