Saturday, June 07, 2008

photo request #4: rose covered pergola at ninth circuit court

michael coppess of the fantastic east of allen blog had a few suggestions for photos. this one in particular caught my attention. i snapped off the requested photo but found myself wondering if this structure ever becomes totally covered with roses, or if this is about its peak. interestingly i was once again informed by an employee that i couldn't take pictures (second time within a few weeks? see this post) - however this one was informed enough to say that they were permitted from the sidewalk.

a side note - for those not familiar with pasadena, this isn't the first time you have seen this building photographed here, albeit from another angle - found here.


Michael Coppess said...

Yes, this pergola is generally covered with beautiful and very fragrant roses in bloom. Thanks for the shot and the kind comment.

ben wideman said...

good to know! I'll have to check back later this summer.