Tuesday, June 10, 2008

taco cart

the street taco is one of the hidden gems of living in southern california. it's fast food, but not like taco bell. it's not a restaurant (although this cart is actually a part of a restaurant), but it serves tasty food. totally mobile, sometimes controversial, and really fantastic.

this cart is situated in front of "el carrizal", a mexican restaurant in pasadena located along orange grove blvd. it opens late in the evening, most nights of the week. i recommend the al pastor tacos, but i bet everything is pretty tasty late at night.

if you want to learn more about the los angeles taco scene, check out this great website.


Pasadena Adjacent said...

Funny link you provided. I buy tamales from a woman who sells them out of the trunk of her car she keeps parked at the neighborhood 99 cent store. I support small enterprise. Power to the people!

Come visit. Palm Axis is up and posting.

ben wideman said...

Awesome! Support the little people (like this blog...)

Tamales are a subject I need to dive into later somehow, but they fall in nicely in the street vendors of SoCal catagory. I also have a tamale vendor, but she is located at the Villa Park farmers market. I hear bells ringing from time to time on our street and when I look out it's not an ice cream truck, rather a person pushing a shopping cart or something of the like... I wonder if they are selling tamales. I should check it out sometime.