Sunday, April 26, 2009

fathers office

oh man, i should have visited this place a long time ago. two of my culinary passions meet at father's office - craft beer, and fantastic burgers. i went there with two friends after attending the los angeles opening of this film.

i'm not sure why it took me so long to get to one of the two f.o. locations - i guess the fact that neither one are really that close to pasadena meant that it wasn't ever high on our priorty list. but now that i've tasted the greatness, i'm hungry for more.

sure it was way too crowded, our tab was probably too expensive, and it's probably too yuppy for most people - but i had a great time and enjoyed some fantastic beer, and one of the best burgers i've had in a long time.


Cafe Observer said...

They are famous for their (expensive) burgers.
The original is in S.Monica, on Montana I believe.
So, how much are they overcharging nowadays for a burger & beer??

ben wideman said...

Burger and fries was $14. My beer was $8 - really high, but a beer that you can't find in many other places - Pliny the Elder from Russian River.

Cafe Observer said...

That name sounds familiar. I think I saw it at Lucky Baldwins of Sierra Madre a few months ago!

ben wideman said...

Yep, every once in a while you can find it. One of my favs.