Monday, April 13, 2009

leaning to the left

mennonites admittedly aren't big on sacred rituals. so we borrow from other traditions. this weekend, a group of us got together for a seder meal (click on this link for details). ryan and alethia have been organizing this event for a while now, and their interpretation of the symbolic feast has grown larger every year. this was the fourth year in a row, and it was an enjoyable social and reflective event. and the meal was spectacular.

i hope your easter/passover/long weekend experience was relaxing and enjoyable. does anyone else blend religious traditions like this, or is it just me and my wonderful friends?

oh, one more thing. the woman on the right in the picture is my friend holly - who writes this fantastic blog. go check it out!


Tash said...

That's really wonderful! I salute you and your friends.

ben wideman said...

thanks Tash!