Thursday, August 27, 2009

coldest beer in town

i snapped this photo on a recent bike ride through highland park. any beer connoisseur will tell you that cold beer is nothing to brag about. but my guess is that isn't the clientele that they are aiming for.

i love the classic neon sign.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my neighborhood I refer to it affectionately as the High Lands. Are you planning on moving into one of the available lofts?

Cafe Observer said...

Ok, BW, I'll remember to request anything but cold beer for you next time I buy you a beer.

ben wideman said...

Depends on the style - lagers and pilseners can be served chilled, but most ales need to warm up a little before you experience the full flavor profile. Ice cold kills your taste buds and doesn't allow you to take in the full flavor profile - which is exactly why mass produced beers are served that way.

Tash said...

I went thru jr. high & high school in HP. used to walk by there every day going to Burbank Jr High. The sign was the same back in the '70s. The store is actually much improved now, with I believe Korean owners, very clean & neat. Used to go to a double feature matinee on Saturdays at the Highland theater.

The fires are fairly far away, but still worrisome. Thanks much for your note of concern.