Saturday, August 29, 2009

more perspectives on the la canada fire

the smoke continues to billow from the forest fires north of la canada. plenty of other bloggers are writing about this massive fire that is clouding the sky in the san gabriel valley. everything tastes like ashes.

petrea's photos here and here, x3, x4(big)
pio right here, x2, x3
kchblog, here, x3, x4
little homestead, x2, x3
laurie's perspective in south pas. x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7(big), x8, x9
hometown pasadena, x2
keith over in monrovia, x2, x3, x4, x5(big)
some german insight from hoecki
deb at altadena daily photo, x2, x3
hatching a patch
west coast grrlie
mr. earl, x2
stan's blog, x3
east of allen, x2, x3
daily photo la, x2
pasadena adjacent, x2
altadena hiker, x2
grow something new
brian and kelly
firefighter blog
matthew j krabill
loving pretty things
gershom's journal
john barkman photography
cafe pasadena
and of course the always fantastic altadenablog.

altadena hiker has a fantastic rundown of the aftermath.

pasadena rose magazine has a great rundown of places to get your info.

the pasadena star news also has a slideshow.


Laurie Allee said...

I linked to you, Ben. I'm stunned by how close this is.

Kelly said...

Hopefully this link will work...

Here are some photos of Friday.

Sarah Jane said...

I have been outside watching what I think is 4 different water-dropping aircraft circle the area, drop that red fire-extinguishing stuff. Pretty amazing work they're doing. I'm going to add a link to you in my fire blog.

TK said...

I'M in Stevenson Ranch. I can see huge billows from over the mountains, I can see the plane's flyin over, doesn't look good.

ben wideman said...

Thanks for all the insight everyone! If you have additional links, please post them and I'll add it to the rest.

Kelly said...

wow this is a great compilation of photos! We wanted to go up there tonight and take a few night pics but there isn't as much happening... thank goodness!

ben wideman said...

Ya, you can tell that a lot of people are following this story! You have some great pictures there as well.

Thanks for stopping by Kelly!

pasadenapio said...

What a great compilation, Ben. It's remarkable, isn't it, how Pasadena area bloggers are so on the same page and yet reporting on this in unique styles.

ben wideman said...

totally agree. It is hard work keeping up with everyone!

Anonymous said...

I've got a new post up with the last three nights on them with the latest in the first position. Caught the fire from Tujunga