Tuesday, August 18, 2009

we're watching you.

you shouldn't run a red light in your car, right? pasadena is trying to make sure that doesn't happen by installing cameras at most major intersections in town which will take photos of any red light violations.

i'm getting back home today after what seems like an extensive time on the road. it will be nice to settle back in to life in pasadena.


Natalie DeJohn said...

Nice photo. You know, just a few days ago in L.A., my friend and I stopped at a red light and the camera took our picture. For the life us, we can't figure out why. We didn't run the red light. Do they automatically issue a ticket if the camera takes a picture?

Heike said...

I got pictures from one of those! (Union and Lake!) And let me tell you...that wasn't a cheap experience at all!! $520 incl. traffic school! So watch out!

They sometimes take random pictures but nothing happens if your lights are green at that time! :)

pasadenapio said...

It's actually digital video. Prior to a citation being mailed out, an officer reviews each frame-by-frame sequence and determines whether it's enforceable. Not all digital video images result in citations.

We have "red light cameras" at Lake and Union, Marengo and Union, and Foothill and San Gabriel, all of which are intersections that have had high accident rates.

metabuxman said...

I believe that the device in this photo is actually an infrared sensor. It detects when a car pulls up and triggers the sensor to change the light. These are replacing the loops of wire in the ground (the big circles you see cut in each lane) near crosswalks.

ben wideman said...

ah... that makes sense. the cameras are a little bulkier.